Mary Gladstone, was born and christened at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster on 21st December 1847.  

Mary was private secretary, adviser and confidante of her father William Gladstone.

She married Rev. Henry Drew at Hanover Square in 1886 and they had a daughter, Dorothy.

 In 1891 the family lived at Hawarden Castle where Harry is recorded as a clerk in Holy Orders and ten years later they were at the Vicarage in Buckley, Flintshire. 










Mary Gladstone was a notable musician, hostess of one of the most influential political salons in late-Victorian London, and probably the first female prime ministerial private secretary in Britain.  She wrote a book about her mother, Catherine Gladstone.    

A book has been written about her entitled ‘Mary Gladstone and the Victorian Salon; Music, Literature and Liberalism’ which centre’s around Mary’s initiatives and shows Mary's influence on her father's work.  

Mary died at Hawarden Castle in 1927 aged 80.


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