History of William Gladstone

This section is to give a brief overview of aspects of William Gladstone's life and family.

Early Years


William Ewart Gladstone (also known as W.E Gladstone and William Gladstone) was born in Rodney Street in Liverpool on 29th December in 1809, however he was of purely Scottish descent. His parents were Sir John Gladstone and Anne MacKenzie Robertson and he was the fifth of six children.

Journey to Liberalism

Gladstone first entered the House of Commons in 1832, beginning his political career as a High Tory, which became the Conservative Party under Robert Peel in 1834. In he 1846 joined the breakaway Peelite faction, which eventually merged into the new Liberal Party in 1859....

The Grand old Man - 'The people's William' 

Gladstone was what we might call a 'household name' in his day.  He was admired and respected by every day people for a variety of reasons.  

William's Family


Follow the link below to access several pages on the history of William Gladstone's Family members. 

Catherine Gladstone

Catherine Gladstone (née Glynne)  was born on 6th January 1812, in the same year as Charles Dickens.  She was the daughter of Sir Stephen Glynne, 8th Baronet, of Hawarden Castle, who died when she was only three, and was reared with her sister Mary by her mother...

Gladstone's Library

Gladstone's Library is Britain's finest residential library and its only Prime Ministerial library. It is said to have served as inspiration for the design of American Presidential libraries.  It was founded by the great Victorian statesman, William Ewart Gladstone and, following his death in 1898, it became the nation's tribute to his life and work...

Hawarden Castle

Following the civil war,  Hawarden Castle was sold in 1651, along with the Lordship, to John Glynne. He was a member of the Long Parliament but did not reside at the site. In the eighteenth century a mansion house was built and became the Glynne's main residence. In 1809 Sir Stephen Richard Glynne (Gladstone's brother-in-law) owned the castle and estate...


William Gladstone himself was never a slave trader, in the early 19th century his father, John Gladstone owned slave colonies in the West Indies. ....

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